Early in 2022 the Town of Southampton engaged local civil engineering firm Tighe & Bond to develop the design of the Southampton Greenway.

As of September 2022, Tighe & Bond engineers have completed surveying, wetlands delineation, site boring at the bases of bridges, and a structural review of culverts and bridges. In one great piece of news, Tighe & Bond engineers have notified the Greenway Committee that there are no major structural problems with the corridor’s two bridges, one adjacent to Sheldon’s Ice Cream on Route 10, and the other across Gunn Road.

Tighe & Bond engineers have presented an update to the Greenway Committee and agreed to co-host, with the Greenway Committee, a public information session at 7pm on Wednesday, November 15, 2024 at the Norris School. Tighe & Bond has already begun to look at specific issues along each of the sections of the Greenway, which will include addressing concerns of abutters and other town residents.  The November informational session will be an opportunity to gather additional input from Southampton residents. This is an important chance to be heard, so we encourage you to attend!

The next major hurtle the Greenway design process meet is the MassDOT requirement of a detailed “25% plan”, which Tighe & Bond expects to submit to the Town and MassDOT by February 2024.  This “25% Plan” will in fact represent about 60-65% of the actual work needed to finish the design and engineering of the Greenway. Once the 25% plan is approved, the design process is anticipated to last another 21 months.